Wonderful Waterford


The atmosphere in Waterford is more small town than big city but you’ll find lots to do in this mini metropolis in Ireland’s Ancient East.  Founded by the Vikings in 914, discover their legacy in the fascinating and walkable Viking Triangle where you’ll discover more than 1,000 years in 1,000 steps.  We bring you this item about one of our favorite destinations with the compliments of Tourism Ireland 



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The Inn at Lydda at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse


London – The Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar, mortally ill, hears of the existence of a healer in Jerusalem who goes by the name of Jesus. Tiberius sets sail for the Holy Land in order to be healed by this apparently miraculous man. However, pausing at the city of Lydda, he learns that Jesus has been crucified three days earlier.   Tiberius is devastated – but his world is soon turned on its head when he has the most remarkable meeting…

Dates: 2 – 17 September 2 – 17,  at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

Please note: we bring you this item with the compliments of Shakespeare ‘s Globe Theatre, London

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Valentin de Boulogne: Beyond Caravaggio


Forthcoming Exhibition at The Met

Valentin de Boulogne: Beyond Caravaggio  Opens January 16, 2017  The greatest French follower of Caravaggio, Valentin de Boulogne was also one of the outstanding artists in 17th-century Europe. Although he is not well known to the general public, his startlingly vibrant staging of dramatic events and the deep humanity of his figures make his work unforgettable. Read the blog series. #ValentindeBoulogne

Please note: we bring you this item with the compliments of The Metropolitan Museum of Art 


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Calici di stelle!


Every year in town squares and wineries all over Italy on August 10, the night of the shooting stars, wine lovers raise their glasses for the most-anticipated toast of the summer.  So while Florence celebrates the feast of Saint Lawrence around the famous church of San Lorenzo, in other parts of the region many winemakers unite to give life to an event that revolves around food and wine.   Wine and cultural offerings, food tasting in cooperation with Streetfood will give everyone the possibility of trying the very best of Tuscan tradition.   You’ll find Calici di stelle – which is organized by Movimento Turismo del Vino in the towns of Vinci, Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, Montespertoli and Greve in Chianti.  As shooting stars are expected, at Greve some stargazing activities are scheduled by the Osservatorio Polivalente del Chianti.   Calici di Stelle takes place in all Italy from August 6 through 14; find out the cellars on the website  Movimento Turismo del Vino Toscana.

Silvia Barducci

Please note, we bring you this item with the compliments of Comune Di Firenze

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New Contemporary Installations at Museum of Fine Arts Boston


Opening on August 27, two parallel installations in the Henry and Lois Foster Gallery present key works and recent acquisitions from the MFA’s contemporary collection. Political Intent explores how artists creatively visualize social issues to generate awareness, discourse or action. Scrolling texts composed by Jenny Holzer and performances at Amalia Pica’s Now Speak! (2011) lectern showcase the power of unique voices and viewpoints.

Bold portraits by Andrea Bowers, Zanele Muholi and Patty Chang affirm complex identities, while works by Ana Mendieta and Azra Akšamija show how female presence can transform a site. Kara Walker’s black-and-white cut-paper silhouettes hint that tensions from times of slavery still reverberate today. This deliberate selection of contemporary artists is paired with historical works that open dialogues around the role ofwomen in political imagery across centuries. In-gallery conversations, as well as prompts on the MFA’s website and social media channels, highlight works from the Museum’s collection and invite visitors to discuss the longstanding influence of politics on creative expression.

Beyond Limits features abstract works that extend beyond traditional edges—stretching imagery, materials and metaphors. Carmen Herrera’s Blanco y Verde (#1) (1962) visually splits the square form, while Eugenio Espinoza’s Untitled (1976/2016) slices a grid to open the rigid composition. Ernesto Neto and Jeffrey Gibson pull weighty surfaces into ethereal-spanning compositions and Mark Bradford creates lined patterns that echo deeper political ideas. Whether optically or physically, works on view activate the surrounding space.

The thematic installations are complemented by provocative pairings of Mona Hatoum’s Grater Divide (2002) and Andy Warhol’s Red Disaster (1963, 1985), as well as recent acquisitions by Wendy Jacob and Yoan Capote.

We bring you this item with the compliments of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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Palace of Holyroodhouse

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Visit The Queen’s official Scottish residence this summer and see a number of ‘firsts’ for the Palace. For the first time ever, the Scottish State Coach will be on display on the Palace forecourt throughout August and a new summer Family Pavilion has been opened in the royal gardens.  Please note: we bring you this item with the compliments of The Royal Collection Trust

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A Three-Day Austrian Wine Discovery Tour

The Wines of Austria

The Wines of Austria

Not only does Vienna have its own wine-growing area, it’s also the world’s only major city that produces wines within city limits. Explore its vineyards & sights, and drive through the surrounding countryside to visit castles, culinary temples, wine cellars & small towns. The result is a cross-section of Austria’s imperial heritage and the region’s storied wine culture, stronger than ever after over two millennia.

Please note:  We bring you this item with the compliments of the Austrian Tourist Office

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