Famous Villages of the Aegean Sea

Karpathos Island
Olympos – the ark of tradition • Located on the northernmost tip of Karpathos Island, at the neck of Mt. Profitis Ilias, lies Olympos, a living folk culture museum which exists by the same name since antiquity. The geographical isolation from the rest of the villages on the island has contributed greatly to maintaining – to this day – its singular cultural identity intact. The archaic dialect, the music, customs and architecture showcase the singularity of the community. Women wear traditionally woven costumes in their everyday life. Wedding traditions, Easter customs and the ceremony of “the name-giving of the seven” which takes place on each of the seven first days of life of a newborn are the most important among the array of customary practices. The village’s main social centre is the church. Every religious and social event takes place in the church precincts. The biggest festival is Ai Giannis feast held on August 29; it takes place next to a country chapel far away from the village. A special ceremony is performed during the festival, which attracts ordinary visitors as well as anthropologists and ethnologists who are interested in a field study of local customs.
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