Zermatt: Gourmet Village Par Excellence
According to the 2014 edition of the GaultMillau restaurant guide, Zermatt excels in the culinary department. This year 21 restaurants have made it into the guide – one more than in 2013. All in all, Zermatt’s village and mountain restaurants were awarded an impressive 293 points. 21 Zermatt restaurants were reviewed in the 2014 edition of the GaultMillau – one more than in 2013. The newcomer, Ivo Adam, who indulges his guests at the “After Seven” restaurant in the Backstage Hotel every winter, got off to a brilliant start with a total of 15 points. Christian Geisler of the Heimberg restaurant acquired another two points. Says the GaultMillau: “Watch out, star potential! The 30 years young Christian Geisler from Salzburg, Austria, is rocking Zermatt.” Having advanced from 14 to 16 points, he is now the star among Zermatt’s chefs.

The Cervo restaurant has raised its quality standards and was rewarded with 14 points. Quote: “… bubbling over with enthusiasm and ideas, the Cervo is going full steam”. The Paradies mountain restaurant is new in the GaultMillau, getting off to a great start with 13 points. Quote from the Swiss gourmet bible: “… having devised a distinguished menu, the chef is approaching top form.” With two of the restaurants that had been reviewed without points in 2013 now receiving full points and a new restaurant joining the ranks, Zermatt garnered 48 points more than in the previous edition. All in all, the village has amassed a total of 293 points in the GaultMillau 2014 – an absolute country record.


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