Paris Multiples

A fair dedicated to artists’ multiples in limited, numbered editions Carreau du Temple March 14 to 16, 2014

Paris, France – Caroline Clough Lacoste and Alain Lamaignère are launching “Paris Multiples” at the Carreau du Temple in 2014. This new Parisian art fair is planned as an original, highly festive event based on a concept that promotes the democratization of works of art, and the desire to provide a first-class showcase for publishers of paper works and distributors of contemporary artistic objects. Having observed the disappearance of numbered editions, engravings, lithographs and other techniques used to transcribe works on paper from major events on the international art circuit, these two experts in the organization of artistic and cultural events decided to launch a new fair in Paris to give multiples their rightful place among contemporary art enthusiasts. For this inaugural year, a prominent place will be given to art publications and to the distribution of contemporary artistic objects in light of the fact that contemporary design in limited, numbered editions often lacks visibility, given that it is usually presented alongside reissued creations or historic pieces.

Paris Multiples will be one of the first events to be held in this renovated Parisian building following an inaugural evening planned for the 2013 Nuit Blanche (culture night). The Carreau du Temple is steeped in history, and reflects the tradition of Parisian metal-based architecture. Built in 1863 by architect Jules de Mérindol, who also designed the Halle de la Villette, it hosted the first Foire de Paris in 1904, and was listed as a historic monument in 1982. After three years of renovation work, it was redesigned in 2012 by Studio Milou Architecture. Under a vast glass roof that floods the building with light, the colors and materials of the new Carreau du Temple echo the architecture and skyline of Paris. The number and layout of its glass roof windows lend it exceptional luminosity. Situated between Place de la République and the Centre Pompidou, the Carreau du Temple’s 1,800 m² exhibition hall will house a diverse range of cultural events, starting with Paris Multiples.

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