White Turf Races in St. Moritz

Guests from all over the world are delighted by the fine thoroughbreds from all over Europe and international jockeys who take part in the races at White Turf St. Moritz. On three Sundays in February, more than 30,000 spectators flock to the frozen expanse of the Lake of St. Moritz to witness the excitement and entertainment of the races against the magnificent backdrop of the mountains of the Engadine. Races run at a gallop or a canter plus skikjöring – invariably a favourite with the crowds – alternate at 30-minute intervals: The galloped events include not just the 1,300-m sprint, but other distances, too, while those who prefer to canter have 1,700 m.

Skikjöring – the only race of its kind in the world
Skikjöring, a discipline in which men on skis are pulled along a 2,700-m-long track by unsaddled thoroughbreds at speeds of up to 50 km/h, is exclusive to White Turf and invariably has the crowds in raptures. Physical fitness and strength, to say nothing of skiing skills and above all courage are crucial in determining which of the entrants, having collected the most points on all three Sundays, can claim the title of “King of the Engadine”. .

A tent city covering 130,000 m2 of the iced-over Lake of St. Moritz “It is not just the exceptional venue, but also the style and atmosphere of this social and sporting event that has visitors from all over the world and VIPs from business, politics and the arts returning year after year,” explains President and CEO Silvio Martin Staub. Beside the racecourse itself is an area of 130,000 m2 containing both grandstands with seating capacity for up to 2,200 spectators and countless booths selling refreshments and souvenirs and White Turf’s elegant tent city.
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