Opening of the Living Wine Trail (Winterthur to Rafz)

Zurich, Switzerland – Recently, the Living Wine Trail opened between Winterthur and Rafz. The route leads past vineyards, castles (such as the Kyburg castle), museums, vantage points and countless succulent grapevines. Over a distance of 24 miles (38 km), hikers have the opportunity to experience Zurich’s wine production at close quarters. Local vintners open their wine cellars to interested visitors, and various events and guided tours further enhance the whole wine experience. If the wine trail between Winterthur and Rafz proves successful, this concept may also be introduced in other regions in the canton of Zurich. With a total of over 1,500 acres, including 900 acres of Blue Burgundy and 370 acres of Riesling Silvaner grapes, Zurich is the largest wine-growing canton in German-speaking Switzerland. In addition, the Zurich region produces 14 different grape specialties, including Räuschling and Cabernet Dorsa, as well as international varieties such as Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon.
Link: Other experiences in Winterthur

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