The Wines of Crete

Did you know… Crete boasts a wine tradition that is 4000 years old! Archaeological finds of the oldest vineyard in Europe, unearthed in the area of Kato Zakro, attest to the above. The oldest wine-press was discovered in nearby Archanes, aged over 3500 years.

The island’s long periods of glorious history have always included wine as a product inextricably linked to daily life, and participation to viniculture events and wine festivals is part of a centuries-old tradition that has lived on to our times; only today tradition and love for wine-making is aided by accumulated knowledge and technology. This is the way that Cretan wine is made today and you will be able to taste the high quality local labels during your stay on the island. Viticulture takes place with the utmost care in carefully selected areas, making the most of the earth’s nutrients in conjunction with local climate.

Cretan earth opens up new horizons that wine lovers are sure to appreciate to the full! Favourable soil features and climate conditions help grow outstanding grape varieties from which wonderful wines are produced. Try them as an accompaniment to local dishes which are world famous for their variety of healthy ingredients. The new generation of Cretan Wines stands as a fine complement to the well-known local gastronomy, and they will definitely turn this aspect of your trip into a delight for the palate.

Cretan Wine Routes • Great wines begin in the vineyard! In Crete, wine-producing areas are in the north part of the island and grapevines grow next to olive groves, protected from the warm winds of the Libyan Sea in the south. The cool Aegean winds blow over the Sea of Crete and the island’s north shores, creating the ideal weather conditions for producing top quality Cretan wines. Grapevines have grown here for centuries, along with the wine-making process, enveloped in tradition and local customs present in daily life, gastronomy and local hospitality. Taste each wine’s nose and enjoy memorable trips to those green vineyards where it all began. Try old as well as new labels in well-tended local wineries and enjoy the sweet sense of euphoria in the magic world of wine.

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