The Witness In Black

wib_mini_coverHer physical wounds healed long ago, yet she still carries the emotional scars from that terrifying ordeal.   The hours before dawn are the worst.  This is when the spirit of her attacker flees his confines and violates her rest.  In her defense, she seeks the comfort and safety of a wing backed chair in her parlour.  Here she welcomes the distraction of fleeting rain drops against a portrait of a slumbering London, cast upon her window pane.  There is solace in the dark hours.  For those who would prod her memory and conjure up terrifying recollections, only ply their craft in daylight hours.  That aside, she knows the morbidly curious are present, skulking in the shadows, seeking the means to cast doubt on ones character or reputation.  Her sworn nemesis, who wishes her deadly harm, mocks Margot from the recesses of her consciousness and fleetingly escapes her view from the corner of her eye.  It will all come to a crescendo in a famous arena of English jurisprudence where the infamous are called to defend their actions.  All are awaiting the last chapter to unfold in this ‘real life mystery drama’ from The Witness in Black.  Link to Amazon Kindle books….

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