Lugano Will Celebrate Bacchus in September


For the second time in its nearly twenty-year existence, the Bacchica offers its autumn event in Lugano.  Lugano will thus become the City of wine, folklore, crafts and food.

The purpose of Bacchica is precisely to propose events related to culture and territory cantonal and national level with the promotion of crafts, food and cultural and Swiss Ticino. All this over a good glass of wine produced by winemakers with passion and ability of our Canton. For the event of September there will be several surprises but that will mark the event. As in the last 18 editions of the Bacchica propose some specific events during the four days dedicated to Bacchus. In particular there is always scheduled the election of Miss Bacchica , the appointment with the “Poker Square” to see up close how a bagged crafts, a corner specifically for children with dedicated entertainment program and edited by experts in the field of child education, the presence of numerous bands and folk groups that will keep various squares event.

Do not miss even a chance to attend the celebration of Holy Mass on Sunday morning to witness the crushing of grapes and more. There will also be proposals of the Special boat tours on Lugano, an exhibition of rural Ticino’s past in collaboration with the Museum of Stabio and a space reserved for the game of bowls, the launch of the stone and the Swiss wrestling. All made ​​in compliance with the rules in force at the national level. The highlight of the 19 proposed by Bacchica Festival, the big folkloric parade on Sunday afternoon that will wind along the lake of Lugano and the wine tasting on Saturday afternoon.

The Bacchica also offers a lunch for the elderly and will author, in collaboration with a specialized group, a moment of entertainment for the children who are admitted to the Civic Hospital. Other surprises await all those who want to attend the event which takes place in September in the center of Lugano.  Dates: Lugano,  September 17 – 20, 2015

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