The Botticelli Renaissance


The Botticelli Renaissance – Edward Burne-Jones: The Mill, 1870

– © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Berlin – The Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) is one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance. His works have been widely reproduced, with many of the reproductions distorting or »modernising« the originals. These »pictures« have now taken on careers of their own, often being so distanced from Botticelli’s works that nowadays the painter’s name is often used to denote fashion and lifestyle without any mention being made of his paintings. It is not disputed, however, that Botticelli influenced the art of the Modernist period and the present day more than any other of the old masters.

The exhibition in the Gemäldegalerie (Old Master Paintings) explores the history of this fascinating renaissance which Botticelli experienced. How did the painter achieve his universal fame? What led to him becoming an icon of pop art? Why are his works considered timeless and »European« to an extent that they even appear on Euro currency coins?
Over 100 masterpieces of European art, on loan from the world’s great collections, have been assembled to chart the process by which original Botticellis have been transformed into »pictures«. Botticelli’s actual body of work is at risk of being sidelined by this welter of pictorialisation, which is why, as well as presenting Botticelli’s influence on subsequent centuries, the show also sheds new light on the sources, on the master’s own pieces, 20 of which are displayed for the first time. They are an open invitation to art lovers to reacquaint themselves with Botticelli.

With a timed ticket you won’t have to queue for admission to the exhibition. Subject to availability, tickets can be booked online up to one day prior to your planned visit. As a timed ticket holder you must begin your viewing in the Gemäldegalerie (Gallery of Old Masters) within your ½-hour time slot. Once inside, you can stay until closing time. Timed tickets are also valid for the permanent exhibition.

Botticelli Renaissance, runs through January 24, 2016, at Berlin’s Picture Gallery (Gemäldegalerie.  

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